Google Adwords Features UX + UI = CX

Google Adwords new interface is definitely a better UX and UI which gives a better CX. But it is important for digital marketers and search marketers not to forget the basic of keyword + contextual advertising when you deal especially with Google Adwords.

#1 You can select out of the below 5 options when you have to create a campaign. Note you can create a campaign without any goals as well.

google adwords create a campaign

#2 Use reach campaign on Display Network a new addition but an important one.

google adwords display network


#3 Something has not changed. This is something that Google can explore to create competition

google adwords universal app install campaign


#4 Not new but not too old as well. Important ad-placement for contextual ads with relevant video on YouTube.

google adwords video ad ecommerce

#5 Gmail targeting on most marketers wish list. Get the best out of it.

gmail sponsored promotion

Get right marketing plan using Google Adwords. Remember this is not the only one but definitely one of the best platform to create awareness, generate leads and sales and more importantly re-market.

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