Are You Still Figuring Out On How To Start Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic Advertising In India

Don’t worry if you are still figuring out about how to start programmatic advertising for your business. You have reached to the right place at the right time for the right information.

You got to be either anyone of the following:


If you an Advertiser

Then you would have these ideas. What they would be?

  • Let’s try with a smart programmatic vendor to learn more about what is this new thing in the paid media.
  • I want to know more but I need the best vendor or agency to validate this new media.
  • Can I lead programmatic advertising along with media buying in the company as it is the new thing happening in the industry?
  • Can I allocate little brand advertising or performance marketing budget to test the new media?
  • Let me call the digital guru’s in the office and let me hear from them?
    • Are there any courses available online to know more about programmatic advertising?
  • If I am successful launching programmatic advertising in the company then I can demand for increment in the next appraisal.
  • I know I can do it but need someone to guide me.
  • Which Ad-server I use?
  • What are the brand safety measure do I have to take?


If you a digital marketing agency

Then you would have these questions and issues. What they would be?

  • Is my agency missing the programmatic advertising bus?
  • We will not make enough money as other agencies.
  • Why my co-founders / president are is not thinking thoroughly about Programmatic?
  • Shall I start offering programmatic advertising services to clients as a white labeled solution after speaking to a programmatic vendor
  • Can we get a seat with one DSPs and start running campaign for clients? By this way I will be able to learn how does programmatic ecosystem works?
  • I cannot do it as there are no enough resources available in the market.
  • Can I use an ad-server?
  • Shall I try brand advertising campaign or performance marketing campaign?
  • Will performance marketing can be delivered on programmatic?


Want to know about Programmatic Technologies?

Then you would have these questions and issues. What they would be?

  • How does the header bidding technologies work?
  • Want to integrate this new ad exchange to the dashboard
  • Can I have Omni-channel advertising dashboard?
  • Should I align with agencies or clients or both?
  • Let’s try to bypass agencies and talk to direct clients.
  • How do I stay ahead of the technology curve in the programmatic advertising space?


If you a Publisher

Then you would have these questions and issues. What they would be?

  • Should I be the part of programmatic wave?
  • Which exchange should I use? Multiple or Single?
  • How to get money from remnant inventory?
  • Let’s try two Data Management System technology to gain my website audience insights.
  • Let me also try header bidding solution? Oh will it cut my revenue?
  • Which popular publisher ad-management platform should I use? Can I go with popular ones?
  • Can I sell mobile inventory separately?
  • Why should I put on Open Exchange Real Time Bidding? Can I me only use programmatic direct and preferred?
  • What eCPM will I get?

Well If you are not sure where to start? Lets meet over a coffee or email me on You can hate me or love me but you cannot ignore me.


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