Programmatic Buying and Selling in India

Programmatic Buying Ecosystem

Reading on programmatic buying is abundant on the web. But it is very difficult for companies to get the right sets of answers to drive “Programmatic” media buying for their digital marketing channels in India. This time the companies has to leave it to agencies to manage their “programmatic” buying because of its complex structure and relationship that one has to manage.

Race to get Advertisers Money

There is dearth of right sets of people in the country who has worked on it. This takes it back to 2005 when Google came to India to acquire the “search” business directly. If you ask Google India what is the % of business relationship that they now manage directly; It is more than 60% and what about the rest? It is managed by agencies.

In 2012, Google came with their DoubleClick suite of products hoping to capture “Programmatic” business in India. Guess what? they are struggling!

Display Advertising  and Programmatic – Days of Future Past.

Display advertising was there before “Search” and it will always be there now and in the future. I love “Display Advertising” in the new avatar of “Programmatic” marketing; the way I loved the movie “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”  🙂

I wish luck to all the Global agencies who has taken the lead to organise their mad “Trading Desk” for India operation,  for your reference Audience On Demand® (AOD) of Publicis, Xaxis of the GroupM, Cadreon of IPG Mediabrands, Accuen of Omnicom Media Group and the new entrant in India is Amnet from Dentsu Group.

Now this takes me back when “paid search” on yahoo was managed using “Overture” [This was before even Google Adwords existed]. The only reason why Overture failed the race of “paid search” because Overture was built for Agencies keeping in mind and not for advertisers. Is the history repeating itself? Yes and No. Yes because “Trading Desk” are built by the agencies and all the “programmatic buying” in India is happening via Agencies. And No because there are many partners for a “Trading Desk” as compared to the age of “Paid Search” inception.

Programmatic in India

India Digital advertising Industry is facing a major problem because most of the Indian publishers are using Adsense (where the yield is low) or not using an AdExchange or not a part of any Programmatic Selling ecosystem. There are very few Indian publishers who are exploring how to manage their “Audience” and classifying their traffic that be sold over AdExchange to earn higher yield.

How does RTB works

Recently a No.1 mobile ad-network launched their Independent Mobile AdExchange for programmatic buying and selling in India powered by “Rubicon Project”. This is definitely a welcome move.

Missing part of the Puzzle

Advertisers in India are little lost with so much jargon revolving around Programmatic Buying. Can any agency simplify it? May be NO. It will be a YES only if they know how to integrate their existing media plan to programmatic media plan and keeping a transparent method of buying.

AdExchange do pass on high benefits to the Agencies and Publishers which can be reduced and given back to the advertisers. I hope “Trading Desks” doesn’t become the “Overture”.

If you are a publisher and want to go on an AdExchange (web and mobile) to sell your inventory or you are an advertiser who want to board on the “programmatic” bus for all your existing and new media plan then do contact me.

Programmatic is here to stay; Use it wisely.

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