How is programmatic marketing different from programmatic buying?

We have been hearing about programmatic buying daily (be on an agency-side or client-side). Some novice digital marketers are chewing brains of few smart impatient digital marketing duds try to understand what is programmatic. How is going to change the display advertising business in India and how has it changed business in the global arena.

Doing a “Google” search will give close to 0.6 million pages on programmatic buying & close to 0.26 million pages for relevant content on programmatic buying. Even then it is very unclear for marketers, media sales team, agency trading leads, management trainees, clients, procurement and cross-channel digital marketing professionals.

Programmatic Buying

The above structure explains “programmatic buying”; no wonder it is a mystery to new marketers and story makers.
Let me predicts what’s running in your mind. Why the hell this guy showing the same image which I have seen when I did a Google Image Search or looked on Slideshare or YouTube or on IAB website.

My answer is “I am trying to you help not only novice digital marketers but also experienced and seasoned professionals and clients”.
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Coming back to “What is Programmatic Marketing”? It is nothing but an umbrella of all digital marketing channels that uses real-time systems, on-platform rules and algorithms to automate and optimise the delivery of data-driven, targeted and relevant experiences to users as they interact and engage with brand’s multiple touch points.

What does the umbrella of all digital marketing channels considers? I am always happy to use images from my image bank.



As an agency or a client don’t hesitate to give / ask for special orders or preferred programmatic; be it RTB, Open Exchange, Private Marketplace or Programmatic Direct.
Happy Programmatic!

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