Digital Marketing in India – What you should expect in 2015

Firstly, I wish you and everyone a great 2015.

If you really want to make 2015 a “feather in your cap” year then you should follow your heart and instinct 🙂 . And if you are not sure about your instinct then you have reached to the right place.

Year 2015 and the coming years will be exciting times for Digital Marketing as an industry and for professionals. Here are some of the things that you should know.

  1. Digital Marketing “Jugaad”
    You need be on top of latest news in the digital space and use it for your current/new digital campaigns. This will make sure you have a first-mover advantage not only in the industry but to the audience available on digital landscape who consumes viral-driven content.
  2. Digital Trading Desk and Programmatic
    Real Time Bidding (RTB) is warming up in India as most of the top agencies have a dedicated “Digital Trading Desk”. Considering digital pattern of Indian brands, it is very important we differentiate between Performance Marketing vs Audience Centric Marketing. Using digital media performance marketing is an easy way out to deliver results but this lacks consumer engagement with the brand. Indian Brands have to move on to “Audience Centric Marketing”. Considering the dynamics of audience engagement on various devices, brands will have to thrive to use RTB and create a forecasting model to predict results. This will also need agencies to move out of their silos method of working or approaching any campaign for a brand and work like a Cohesive unit.I personally believe next five years will be for “Audience Centric Marketing” and “Programmatic”.
  3. Industry / Sectors to look-out
    IMRB international estimates that E-commerce and Telecom businesses has seen the highest incremental proportion to overall spend. In 2015, BFSI and Travel industry will see a tremendous growth in their digital media investments
  4. Digital Technology

    You should closely look for the following technologies in the 2015 and gain hands-on experience:

    • Real Time Bidding (RTB) Platforms
    • Re-targeting and Re-marketing
    • Google Adwords and Microsoft Bing
    • Data Management Platforms
    • Mobile Demand-side Platforms
    • Google Mail – Gmail
    • Facebook PMD
    • Analytics
    • Campaign Manager / Ad-serving and Exchanges (Buyer and Seller)I will be adding more technologies that you should in 2015 later in the year. 🙂
  5. Big Data and Analytics
    If you cannot be a part of any “Big Data” team or analytics team; don’t drop your idea for trying to understand what it takes to be a “Big Data” professionals. Data-driven analysis will provide you insights to plan your digital media campaigns and investment. If you are a digital marketer already; then you cannot miss not be an “Analytics” professional.Remember “Data was never small”
  6. Digital Marketing Training, Certification and Reading
    Start reading about Digital Marketing News. Don’t miss out digital forums; forums gives more learning than news.Google have also started offering Free Google Certified Program (GCP) and if you are starter then these certification can add visible feathers in your cap.There can be lot of self-learning, but Digital marketing skills can better be learned on “Live campaigns” under a supervision of a digital marketing mentors.
  7. Digital Marketing Goals
    • Integrated campaign activation across all Media [Online and Offline]
    • Build your digital marketing strategy for any industry / client.
    • Digital Certifications
    • Design a Mobile-friendly marketing strategy
    • Do A/B testing at all levels
    • Learn how to do “Audience Segmentation”.
    • Create your “Digital Media Plan”.
    • Setting up e-Commerce Analytics

For 2015, you can pick any/ all of the goals listed above  for 2015

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